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Welcome to Soap2Day Official Website: the Best for Watching Movies & TV Shows Online for Free

We are all different, but what we all have in common is a love of movies. Some of us watch the same movies year after year, others are constantly on the lookout for new releases, some are excited by short series, and some like sluggish, lingering multi-season TV shows. Some need to blow off steam and watch an action movie after a hard day at work, some need to be alone with a romantic love movie after breaking up with his girlfriend, the third one is a fan of all Asian and can not live a day without anime. Some people gather in a noisy group of friends or prefer a family movie and choose adventure or blockbuster movies, others, on the contrary, want to be alone and watch something more wise and valuable. A few only wish HD movies 2 watch, while many others are happy with the CAMRip quality. On Soap2Day streaming website every movie lover will find what's important to him at a particular moment, because there's just an outstanding, constantly updated and renewed library of world cinema. However, Soap 2 Day is not the only streaming platform that provides access to watch movies and TV shows online, so it would be reasonable from our side to tell you about the most important differences of this project from other equally worthy movie sites.

Totally free access to absolutely any movie or TV show

Most of the most famous online media libraries, similar to Soaptoday, work on the principle of subscriptions. Online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or Disney+ make money this way. There can be quite a few types of subscriptions even on one site: from a subscription to a particular TV show to full access to the entire library of media. It is also common to pay to watch a particular movie or episode online. On the one hand, the price of a subscription, although mostly small, can be unaffordable for most movie buffs. On the other hand, the content of these sites does not match, which means you can no longer do without a single subscription. Another unpleasant thing about using such paid online movie platforms is the automatic deduction of funds for renewing a subscription, which many people do not pay attention to. In addition, the limited movie base causes you to pay even when you're not watching anything. streaming website is devoid of all these disadvantages and takes care of your wallet, because watching the entire media library, including movies and TV shows produced by these giant streaming sites, is free and does not require any payment.

An unprecedented collection of movies and TV shows in one place

You've probably noticed that most streaming sites for watching movies and TV shows online are limited in content, so you often have to use several such sites. With the official website Soaptoday everything is much easier, because for many years the database of movies and TV shows was only expanded and replenished with new releases from the movie industry. There are over 46663 movies, over 10061 TV shows and over 318024 episods in all kinds of genres: comedies, dramas, action, thrillers, detectives and more. Movies that have earned huge audiences around the world, as well as modest, low-budget regional flicks are offered here. American, English, European and Asian movies online and TV shows for free are waiting for you. From the trendiest directors to unknowns, from the greatest actors of the past to up-and-coming actresses of the present. From mummies, aliens and dragons to astronauts and war heroes. However, because of the huge number of movies being released, Soup2day team doesn't always have time to add new releases in time, but you always have the possibility to contact our support service or write a letter with a request to add the movie for free or TV show you are interested in to your collection.

Watching movies and TV shows online for free 24/7

Life is much faster and movie lovers can no longer wait for their favorite movie, 4gb or more, to be downloaded from a torrent tracker. And the more movies for free you download, the less space is left on your hard drive and you have to spend money to buy a new one. Have you ever downloaded a new release or a whole season of a TV show you haven't seen yet and found you didn't like it, so you started looking for and downloading another one? Online streaming service Soap2 solves these problems once and for all: start one movie, don't like it, open a new one, and so on until you find something you really like. At the same time any media file, thanks to the newest high speed servers, is loaded on your device instantly at any time of the day or night, of course, as long as you have access to mobile or wireless Internet. With Soapgate official website you'll forget forever about running out of space on your device, no longer holding so many movies and shows, and your operating system slowing down due to lack of space.

Watching movies without tedious ads

How often have you left a website trying to close endlessly popping up advertising banners after clicking on a movie playback button? Do you get pissed off with ads integrated into the movie that open at the most exciting moment of the story? The Soap2Day team treats every viewer with the utmost respect, so we guarantee a minimum amount of ads, but unfortunately we can't do away with them completely, because our online streaming site is funded to help you enjoy HD movies and TV shows for free.

Security of personal funds, sensitive data and watching devices

In the very first chapter we talked about buying subscriptions from media content producers, and those streaming sites can at least be trusted not to steal money from you, but what about streaming websites with supposedly movies for free that require you to wire them money when you try to run a movie. Risky, isn't it? On the other hand, many movie platforms similar to Soaptoday, offer pre-registration with personal information. Have you ever wondered who this data gets to and whether it can be used by scammers? It is also not uncommon for devices that are used for watching HD movies 2 get infected with viruses. When you visit Soap today you can be sure that there is no malware and you can watch movies and TV shows without registration. And since Soup2Day doesn't charge any fees for watching TV shows, it doesn't collect any bank card data from its visitors.

Access to media library from anywhere in the world

No matter where you are, you can always use for watching your favorite movies and TV shows. All you need is an Internet connection. If for some reason the site does not open, it means that you do not have an Internet connection or that your provider blocks access to it because it is considered to be malicious. In this case we strongly recommend you to use a VPN connection to bypass the blockage and use your browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.) in anonymous mode. There are a lot of VPN applications nowadays - choose the one you trust the most and watch movies and TV shows online on Soaptoday without limits.

Watching movies online from any device

Perhaps there isn't a person in the world who doesn't have at least a mobile gadget. It does not take a lot of space and you can watch movies and TV shows online at any time, no matter where you are: whether you are on the subway to work or sitting in a cafe. Another thing is to watch movies on a laptop or tablet - here the resolution is higher and the quality is very different. But it's much more enjoyable to watch movies and TV shows on the big screen using the built-in Smart TV or using a Smart set-top box, such as Android TV or Apple TV. The choice is yours! Soap today official website does not limit its viewers in their choice of device, so you can always be sure that what you want to watch online, whether it's a movie or an episode of a TV show, will be displayed on your screens in the best quality. The operating system installed on your device is also irrelevant. Movies will play perfectly on Android as well as on IOs and MacOs.

Convenience of using the movie site

The Soup2Day online movie theater has several ways to quickly find the movie or TV show you want. First, the search bar is the fastest and most convenient way to find a file. You start typing the original or English title of any movie you are interested in, and the system displays it. Secondly, since the whole collection is structured, you can use any filter and sort movies by genre, year of release, actor, director, movie company, etc. If you want to choose a really interesting movie or TV show online on Soap 2 Day we recommend you to read its description, watch the trailer and see the ratings left by our users. We will be glad, if you also will actively participate by giving your ratings to movies. You help us and other fans of the cinema to avoid boring movies and, on the contrary, to attract attention to the best ones! If you really enjoyed watching a movie or TV show and want to tell your friends about it, you can share a link using social networks (FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit) or messengers (WhatsApp, Viber). If you don't know what kind of movie or TV show you'd like to watch online for free, we recommend you go to the "Trending movies" or "Movie selections" and choose a category to your liking.

Watching movies and TV shows online for free legally

There is a perception that sites like Soaptoday are illegal, so many viewers of streaming sites believe that they may be in trouble with the law. But that's not entirely true. Let's take a look at how things really are. First, Soap today does not violate the law because it does not store and streams only media content that is in the public domain. All movies and TV shows presented on Soup2day online for free are not copyrighted, which means they are not pirated. Secondly, when you use this website only to watch HD movies and TV shows online, you are not in any danger either. Problems can only occur when you download, store or share this content. In any case, if you're not sure, we recommend always watching movies online on Soap 2 Day using a VPN.

The only official domain

You are on the only official website Soap2Day which is many years trusted and reliable streaming site for watching movies and TV shows online for free. There are a lot of sites with similar design and logo, using similar domains - these are fake streaming services with no relation to the only official Soap2Day domain, accumulated in the network under the brand Soap2Day. How to distinguish a fake site from an official domain:
  • Lack of unique weekly selections of movies and TV shows.
  • Endless pop-up ads on all pages, including the media player pages.
  • Poor quality of streaming and sound when watching movies online, the player freezes.
  • Unupdated collection of movies and TV shows, new releases appear with a long delay.
  • Watching movies and TV shows with preregistration.
  • Possible charges for watching.
  • Neglect of messages from viewers and no support.
Be vigilant, do not trust fake sites and use only the verified official domain Soap2Day!

No delayed updates, deleted content or territorial restrictions

On the one hand, if you've ever used Netflix streaming website, you've probably encountered the problem of TV show episodes being released, having to wait for a full season to be uploaded in order for watching a TV show. Agree, it's not very pleasant to realize when your loved ones using official domain spoil TV shows that you pay a lot of money for waiting to watch. On Soap2Day official domain, just like on Hulu, an episode of any TV show is available to watch online for free as soon as they are released. Why should you wait months for something you can watch now? On the other hand, the same Netflix often removes from its servers TV shows that were previously available on the site. For example, such extremely popular and adored by many people from different countries TV shows like "Family Guy" or "Friends", viewers of this entertainment online streaming service can no longer watch it. While on official website it is very easy to find these and many other TV shows for free. And perhaps the most unpleasant thing is that access for watching movies and TV shows often has regional restrictions. For example, the streaming site HBO Max is only open to viewers in the U.S. and a few other countries. This means that you won't be able to watch your favorite TV shows and movies online if you're in other countries. Unlike HBO Max, works and broadcasts anywhere in the world, which means your favorite movie characters will always be with you.

You will never be bored with it is first of all an entertainment portal for watching movies online, we know everything about movies and are ready to share the best movies and TV shows with you. We try to satisfy the demands of a wide range of viewers, so we promptly add new releases of movies almost immediately after their release, firstly in CAMRip quality, and then regularly update their quality to Full HD or 4K immediately after the digital release on VOD-services or Blu-Ray. So you always have the choice of being the first to see the latest movie, or wait for excellent quality. Soaptoday team is really happy to give you the opportunity to spend an enjoyable evening and wish you a pleasant watching experience!

FAQ to Soap2Day support

The Soap2 team receives not only support letters from our users, but also a lot of questions related both to the operation of the service itself and to the film industry in general to get an expert opinion. Below we list the most common questions and answers.

Q.: Can I watch cartoons on Soap 2 Day?

A.: Yes. Although the media content of the streaming website consists mostly of movies and TV shows, the Soap today service also features cartoons from the most famous animation companies such as Walt Disney, Pixar, DreamWorks, Warner Bros. and others.

Q.: On one of the Soap 2Day domains I was charged for watching one episode of TV Show. Is Soup2day free for sure?

A.: Yes. The official website Soaptoday is not related to other sites with similar domain names. On the official Soap2Day domain you are guaranteed to get to watch the largest collection of HD movies and TV shows for free on the web.

Q.: Does Soap2Day have any competitors?

A.: Yes. Due to the huge popularity of the official Soap2Day domain, it has had a large number of domains such as,,,, etc. You can also find many alternative brands for watching movies and TV shows online for free: 123movies, fmovies, putlocker, etc.

Q.: I caught a virus on one of the famous movie sites while watching a movie. Tell me, can I infect my mobile device using Soap2Day?

A.: No. is absolutely safe for both mobile and other gadgets including TV boxes. It is impossible to get infected with viruses as you do not need to download files to your device to watch movies online.

Q.: Can I watch movies on my TV device with Soap2day?

A.: Yes. In the application store of your TV device type Soap2Day into the search box and install the Soap2Day app. Soaptoday streaming media content is currently available for the following devices: Roku TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast.

Q.: Is Soap2Day app in the App Store?

A.: Yes. The Soap2Day app for watching movies online is available for free for download in both the App Store and Google Play.

Q.: Are all movies and TV shows on Soap2Day available in 4K resolution?

A.: No. At the moment not all movies can be watched in 4K. However, the entire collection on official website is high definition video: you can choose HD movies 2 watch online or Full HD quality.